Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Phyllis - Exterior Low Angle Shot [old one]

I do believe it is done... here is the exterior low angle shot of Phyllis! :)
Once again, I really enjoyed painting this, I feel like I have successfully managed to bring out the classic, Romantic side to this beautiful city.

GIF coming soon 


  1. I wonder if there are some missed opportunities here, Sky - maybe stripes or patterning on those canopies? And the suggestion of more of the city on the empty right side of the image, and why, for example, are the silhouettes of the city crisper than the elements in the city in the foreground, which are very soft - would anything further back be even more impressionist and soft? Likewise, I wonder if there's opportunities to input more detail onto the surfaces of the buildings we're looking at, and I wonder why your buildings in the foreground and mid-ground have such dark 'outlines'? If you look where your light is coming from, wouldn't more shadows be cast - from the architectural detailing around the doorways, wouldn't the sides of your buildings be in shadow. Also - what is the surface of the ground made from? Is it stone, is it stone slabs? You're achieving a lot in terms of atmosphere, but I'd suggest you're missing a few more passes of actual real world detail...

    1. Alright Phil, I'll work on it some more today. Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions :) I appreciate it a lot!