Thursday, 24 September 2015

Invisible Cities thumbnails 1-27

Hello all. Just wanted to let everyone know why I have not been posting to my blog as frequently as I should be. I have had no internet connection at home for the past 4 days. My whole neighbourhood has been affected and the BT engineer said it has something to do with the cables. It will hopefully be fixed by next week, but in the meantime I will have to use the university computers to write up my work and upload my thumbnails.
Here are some thumbnails I have been working on:

I somehow forgot to number these thumbnails and only noticed it once I had scanned the images.


  1. damn those BT engineers - sabotage! :0)

  2. You've got some nice ideas there, but my main advice would - zoom out. We want to see more of the environment, not just close ups on elements.

    Keep the thumbnails coming, though : D Go, go, go!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I will take this on board when drawing my next batch of thumbnails :D

  3. I really like 3, Diomira (on page 2) and 17! These are really lovely drawings!