Friday, 20 November 2015

Drawing in Sketchbook Pro

This image was made in one of Jordan's lessons. He helped me create this with the use of collaging. We were given two random words, one an animal and the other an object and were asked to try and merge the two together to create an object. My two words were Ant and Lamp. The image on the left is what we came up with.
Today, Simon taught us the basics of Sketchbook Pro and I picked this image and with the aid of the symmetry tool, I drew a cleaned up version of it. I really love the symmetry tool because it has a lot of potential and I can definitely see myself using it a lot. I think it will also be helpful when creating orthographic drawings.

Afterwards, I used the perspective tool to help me create this building. I actually struggle a lot with imagining buildings and other objects in perspective so this is a very useful tool as well and I shall use it in my project.


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