Monday, 2 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Mind Map

I created a mind-map as I researched more about my artist and her key influences and ideas, as well as the materials she frequently used to create her artwork. I think it is very interesting how well the concept of sewing connects with ideas of repair and healing and I am starting to get some ideas from this that could be quite useful for the development of my city. 

1.) I am starting to imagine my city as a place that used to be a safe haven but over time has become a vile and cruel place due to humans behaving in ways they shouldn't be. This has resulted in the collapse and destruction of a once idyllic city. The spider is very central to this, she continues to repair the city and provide humans with a solution - but this repeatedly fails and the thin, fragile woven web is destroyed over and over again. 

2.) My second idea is all about the human unconscious and I want to imagine my city as a huge brain.  It will be made up of different parts, each representing the memories and experiences of a particular person. The memories, feelings and experiences that we go through during our lifetime have a profound effect on the brain and the unconscious. If we go through traumatic times, we tend to repress our feelings, rather than deal with it. This has bad long-term consequences as the memories can resurface and hurt us, resulting in insanity and mental illness. For this idea to work really well, I need to research into the brain, the unconscious and coping mechanisms. I already have some knowledge about Freud but I will research more into his work and ideas. For this idea, I have borrowed elements from the game Nevermind but I would like to design the city in the style of Bourgeois and her surreal sculptures. 

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