Sunday, 8 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - OGR Part 1

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  1. OGR 10/11/2015

    Hi Sky,

    This city is deeply weird - and your travelogue is surreal! Not a place to linger too long perhaps - and not a tourist city, either! I like many of your thumbnails, but I think your challenge is going to be to ensure you're not just creating large versions of your artist's abstractions, but getting Bourgeois to 'think like an architect too'. You might need to rationalise her vocabulary of shapes a little more to guard against the impression that we've just wandered into a super-sized art galley. An example of rationalisation: see Zaha Hadid's famously organic and free sketches:

    and now the building that derived from those sketches:

    The point is that very organic shapes need to be essentialised a little further before they read as architectural (as opposed to just sculptural). I think you need to look at some of your thumbnails and think about 'tidying them up' in terms of their profiles; one idea might be to use illustrator to trace and tidy some of your existing thumbnails, or use the Shapes tool in Photoshop plus the Skew and perspective tools under Adjustments to create new Bourgeois-inspred thumbnails, but using cleaner, more rational lines. It's the difference between sculptural buildings, and 'big sculptures' - and with your artist balancing the two is your challenge.