Sunday, 1 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - Influence Map 2

This is my second influence map and for this one, I picked a few interesting fabric work by Bourgeois. I looked at some more surreal artwork for Alice in Wonderland and then I looked at the psychological-horror game Nevermind (1989) for more inspiration. Bourgeois' work focuses on trauma, pain, sexuality and loneliness and I think Nevermind is a very interesting game because it deals with all of these elements but most of all, it requires the gamer to delve deep into the minds of the patients to help them understand the cause of their pain. The game is very Freud-like and Bourgeois repressed a lot of her inner pain throughout her life-time, only revealing aspects of it through her sculptures and artwork.

The final image is a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth and I really liked the ambiguous form as it allows for multiple interpretations.

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